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Guide per tavoli
Meccanismi per Tavoli Ponte Gamba
A mechanism which allows the sliding of the structure and always keeps the leg at the edge of the table, eliminating the encumbrance.
Available on both wooden and glass tops
Meccanismi per Tavoli Basamento Centrale
Mechanisms that consist in a frame which applies to a fixed base at the center of the table, which allows the extension of the table while retaining the base position
Prodotti Speciali
Custom realizations following the customer demands, with an eye towards design and quality

About Evomet


From the idea to the finished good.

The innovative trait that differs EVOMET, is the ability to operate as an active contractor, able to independently develop modular products to be proposed, and customized as required.

The company proposes itself to customers, not only as a metal supplier, but also with its own technical department and R&D, thanks to which EVOMET is able to support business customers on both outsourcing and production, and at the development and ideation of innovative products.



1. Ideation

2. Design

3. Prototyping

4. Industrialization

5. Manufacturing

Our products

mechanisms for extendable tables and iron workings


Our company specializes in the production of systems to lengthen tables , in particular mechanisms and sliding guides. The products, made of aluminum , are ideal for glass, glass ceramic and wood tables, both with lateral and central opening. The possibility of customizing sizes and finishes , the patented quick coupling system of the extensions and the extreme compatibility with the different bases offer solutions suitable for any type of extendable table.

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Evomet develops commissioned projects, therefore doesn't sell individual pieces to companies or individuals.

Evomet S.r.l.
Società unipersonale

Registered office: via Torino, 3

Operational headquarters: C.da Marolino snc

tel. 0733 850197
fax 0733 850081

C.F. e P.IVA 01857390437

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